Electric Skateboard

Our electric skateboards are leading the industry in the way of technology. All our boards come with silent hub motors each with 900w per wheel. Our dual electric skateboard producing 1800w and our quad electric skateboard producing 3600w of raw power.

Our exclusively designed ESC’s were limited to a speed of 44kmh for your own safety. Our LED remotes providing 4 modes of power and providing essential information about your board. This includes speed, battery power for both the board and the remote.

You can change the breaking pressure which is revolutionary in the industry. Braking still providing regenerative power back to the battery. The smallest battery we provide is 11ah giving you the range you really require. All our batteries are true LG Lithium Ion batteries.


Go beyond other electric skateboards. Our T4 is one of the first in the world to offer 4 in hub motors providing exceptional power, torque and fun. 4 X 900 Watt in-wheel motors with an 11ah battery to provide you with a range of up to 40kms



Listening to what real skateboard riders want, the T2 dual 900w (1800w) hub motor board combines performance and looks. We have gone through multiple levels of R&D to find the right performance attributes to accommodate what you want as a customer.


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