In the old days, the front garage used to be an integral part of the house. But now, when designing new homes, people tend to focus on practical applications along with aesthetics. This is where a two car side entry metal garage enters into the picture. ‘But why metal?’ you may ask, simply because of its durability, high endurance, and resistance to elements. Not only that, but it also demands low upkeep.


Most of the old houses still have attached front garages to them. They might have been practical decades ago, but most Americans prefer to have at least two cars. Over half a million homes sold these days have a two car garage.


Nowadays, people like their homes to have a great external appeal, not just for neighbors’ envy but to give a higher resale value in the future. A side entry two car metal garage can help increase your property value and appeal. Here, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages for your reference.

Pros Of Two Car Side Entry Garage

1. Sufficient Space

A side entry two car garage boosts large space. This is one of the reasons they are sought after. This type of garage is best for a large lot area. It is also best for corner lot space. That’s why it is so prevalent in suburban and rural regions.


A two car side entry garage is the best option for people looking for extra storage space apart from parking. You can have two doors for car entry and a separate walk-in door, which you can use to pursue your personal projects.

2. Offers Privacy

Since side entry garages face the side of the property instead of the front of the home, they are often hidden from the street. This increases the privacy. You can open your doors during the day to proceed with any construction or repair work. You will get fresh air and natural light while you finish your DIY project.

3. Improved Courtyard

Imagine a home with a gorgeous courtyard entry with a sculpted garden around your front gate and entryway. But the reality is, in most houses, the front view is obstructed by a garage with a parked car with some tools stored on the sides. So, how do we achieve this ‘gorgeous courtyard entry’?


Simply, instead of an attached front garage, get the side entry two car garage. These can also be attached to your property. You can find many homes designed with side entry garages like this online for inspiration.

4. Do Not Interfere With Home Aesthetics

One of the features that is a selling point for a two car side entry garage is that it does not interfere with your home appeal. You can achieve a clean and sleek exterior façade and design your front door as per your taste. Your entrance is the first thing that people see when they come to your house.

5. Boost Property Rating

A side entry two car garage will make your home look wider and give an illusion of a bigger property. Your front yard is also customizable. All in all, it increases your property value.

Cons Of Side Entry Two Car Garage

1. Cost

One downside of a two car side entry garage is that they occupy ample space on your lot. Not only that, you will also need to construct a wider driveway. The ideal distance between the garage door and the edge of payment is 30 ft. or more. Laying a wider driveway can be costly as you need more sidewalks and a longer driveway.

2. Hard To Maneuver

Parking large vehicles can be challenging if space is limited. This is especially true for large trucks or ‘class A type’ motorhomes. So, be sure that you have plenty of space for vehicles to turn around.

3. Require Space For Installation

Now, all garages need space for installation, but for side entry to the car garage, you need extra front space vacant for cars to enter and turn around easily without beating the bushes.

Some Common Sizes Of Two Car Side Entry Metal Garage


(in ft.)


(in ft.)


(in ft.)


In general,

  • Width ranges from 22 to 26 ft.
  • Length from 20 to 24 ft., and
  • Height ranges from 08 to 20 ft.

depending on the type of vehicle your two car side entry garage has to harbor. The door must be at least 8 x 8 so that the car can enter & exit without getting any scratches. However, a 9 x 7 garage door is typical in townhouse complexes. A door’s width of 12 to 14 ft. and height of 12 to 16 ft. is necessary for RVs.

To Put It Briefly

A two car side entry metal garage may have some disadvantages but has more benefits. Your front gate is free of all clutters and is more inviting. They increase the visual appeal of your property and boost its market value. You can find many side garage home images on Pinterest or other social media platforms to decide on a perfect design for your home.

While choosing a metal garage, ensure you are buying it from a top steel builder with industry experience and good customer ratings. You can request free quotes from some and compare to find which deal suits your home and budget. We hope these brief pros and cons were helpful in selecting the perfect garage for your home.