In the case of vinyl fence, fade-resistant color is built right into the fencing material. You don’t need to apply a coat of paint or stain to keep your fence looking just like new, for many years to come. Since vinyl fencing can stay in good condition for decades, color choice is a crucial factor. Pick the wrong option, and you may be stuck with an unappealing fence. By picking the right option, however, you’ll add beauty and value to your property.

Check with Your HOA for Rules

Vinyl fencing is available in all kinds of shades and styles. Nevertheless, if you live in an HOA (homeowners association), you may not get the chance to select from all available options.

Some communities, neighborhoods, or homeowners’ associations limit the types and colors of fencing that are allowed. The goal is to keep up a uniform look all through the community, to protect property values.

Often, HOA policies restrain homeowners, to conventional color options, like white, brown, or natural wood tones. Some are additionally prohibitive, allowing only three or four specific colors. Before picking a color from the different choices offered by a fencing company in Jacksonville, review the regulations of your HOA, plus the published design guidelines. If you violate the rules, you will have to pay fines, face liens, or even be coerced legally to pull out your new vinyl fencing.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Once you determine the shades your HOA allows, consider your home’s architectural style. Building style is an important factor when it comes to selecting the color for vinyl fencing.

Old world colonial or cottage style homes usually look great when enclosed with orthodox white fencing. Farm-style homes, on the contrary, may benefit from a natural wood tone or a muted neutral shade. And, for modern homes, a dark colored vinyl fence may be the best design fit.

The color of your home needs to be considered as well. Are looking to have a fence that blends in or be a focal feature? You should select a shade that goes with your roof, trim or gutters. Or you may go for a contrasting yet complimentary fence color.

Emphasize Your Foliage

Don’t skip over your present landscape and foliage when choosing a fence color. The right shade will work well to brandish your landscaping. Picking vinyl fencing that matches closely with the color of your trees and plants will detract from the overall appeal of your property. Well-planned landscaping augments the value of your home, but only if it can be seen and appreciated. For maximum effect, pick a fence shade that embellishes but does not compete with your foliage.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for assistance in making the right fencing choice for your home take help of an experienced fencing company in Jacksonville FL. So, consult the experts in installation, repair and restoration of wood, vinyl and ornamental iron fences in your area, to enjoy an attractive fence for many years to come.